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July KA&L News

A New Book from Rick Revelle

On October 10th 2015 Dundurn Press will be releasing the second book of the Algonquin Quest Series written by Rick Revelle of Glenburnie.

I am Algonquin Book Cover

‘Years after a devastating battle, Mahingan and his tribe struggle to recover a lost loved on

Art Show in Belleville

Thee is a great new show being set up at Gallery One Twenty One in Belleville.  Anne Ireland, who many of you know from “the county”.  Jeff Mann with his masks and Liz Schell who makes delightful planters and tables from pieces of recycled stage sets.

This show runs from June 23rd until August 1st


Artists Round Table

July 7th at Carolyn’s home…as usual… share coffee and talk about the business of being an artist. Carolyn will be in Artfest in City Park this coming damp week so we can look at that and other Summer shows and endeavours. If the weather is nice we get to sit outside as is our Summer wont!   carolyn@barnett-knits.com or 163-545-5986


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Kick Off for the 13/14 Season!

“Merilyn was great, wasn’t she?!”, “…and I think they enjoyed themselves…don’t you:” “Yes I’m sure it worked

Rick Revelle & Merilyn Simonds discuss writing.

Rick Revelle & Merilyn Simonds discuss writing.

well” “How many do you think we had?” “I’m not sure, did you do a head count?”, “Oops, I think they are listening!”

Well, I (Prez – Carolyn) certainly enjoyed myself as did Veep Michele, our meetings and giggles over coffee through the Summer paid off and we had a wonderful group of folk at Tuesday night’s gathering. People opened up, questions were asked and chat ensued.

Merilyn Simonds gave an informative and lively talk about WritersFest, answered some questions as I scrolled through the web site hoping to add more visuals and information. I enjoyed looking at the photographs Bernard Clark has taken over the years of the writers.

There was lots of opportunity for chat and refreshing of libation and then we had three local writers/publishers speak about their own books.

Chris Laing told us about his murder mystery which is set in Hamilton Ontario just after WWII, I love a murder and hope to read it. Inquiries to laing.larose@gmail.com.

Hugh Barclay told us about the new book from Thee Hellbox Press ‘X’, by Phil Hall…a poem sequence in 16 parts. It is illustrated by Michèle LaRose and Hugh is having a launch at his house on Sunday September 15th. Inquiries:  h.w.barclay@sympatico.ca

Rick Revelle introduce his upcoming book ‘I Am Algonquin’ which will be coming out at the end of November with a launch at Novel Idea. He will bring copies to our December gathering. Inquiries: revelle@kingston.net

A huge thank you, Merilyn, for being our first presenter and being so delightful.

I’m not sure I should thank Pat Shea for passing this on to Michele & me (eek!) but OK, thanks Pat, and for your confidence in us with your baby, and keeping the heckling down to a minimum.

Last but by no means least, thank you Jane Lovell, who comes all the way in from Hay Bay, for ‘personing’ the door and signing folk up for another year. We seem to be good with Janes that have a lot of lllll’s in their names? (Jane Thelwell was our last desk person).

Hope to see everyone down at the KYC October 8th for another get together with the theme of visual art…….

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April’s Speaker Hugh Barclay

Our guest speaker in April was from among our membership, Hugh Barclay of Thee Hellbox Press here in Kingston. I have known

A&L April '13 2

Hugh for years since my parents’ house backed onto theirs. I didn’t know then of Hugh’s paper passion but we learned lots at our last gathering.

Hugh started by introducing himself with a joke…as he always wears a beret he was asked if he was French….he tugged off the beret and said ‘No..I’m bald’!

Hugh spoke to us about his passion for the print starting over 40 years ago and he’s still at it.

Hugh had brought a large selection of books he had written and built using various styles, papers and colours.

A&L April '13 6

Many stories accompanied the books, about how they are folded such as a wedding    invitation which is folded like a bride and groom that cannot be separated. This was made   for a wedding where the mother of the bride doubted the wisdom of the union..the invitation spoke volumes.

There was a book about Conrad Black….bound in black with the image on the front in black and packaged in a black box.

Hugh employs others with the required skills to put out some of his books and papers, they are beautiful and interesting. Each one has a story behind it…next time you are chatting with him at the club ask for a story….I’m sure he’ll tell you one.

A&L April '13 Gian & Hugh

One thing I personally had wanted to do was to introduce Hugh Barclay to Gian Frontini, bookbinder, (I hope I’m correct with some of this information) using ancient techniques. I was fascinated to see his beautiful work on the studio tour on Amherst Island last year and thought of Hugh. Here they are ‘talking shop’.

May’s Arts & Letters Club

     Sharon Little is our guest speaker on May 14th. She is working at Queens in the textile conservation working on some of the costumes at the Agnes Etherington Arts Centre. I have had the pleasure of a little work with her and am looking forward to hearing more about her work and career.

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