About Us

The Kingston Arts & Letters Club was a social club for visual artists, writers and performing artists and also for art lovers.  Its home at the Kingston Yacht Club, provided a relaxed environment for emerging and established artists to gather and discuss their craft and inspiration.

Members and guests enjoyed monthly ‘meetings’, where guest visual artists, writers and performing artists presented their latest works and ideas.  Meetings were held on the second Tuesday of the month.

Kingston Arts & Letters Club was formed by local visual artist Pat Shea, and had its inaugural meeting November 2007.  Pat’s inspiration was The Group of Seven’s round table at the Arts & Letters Club of Toronto in the 1920s – a time of great innovation and expansion in the Canadian art scene.  While inspired by the Toronto Club, Kingston A&L was relaxed and casual, allowing artists at all levels and from all disciplines to feel welcome.

Peruse our past meetings through this site and sign up for future news as, though the club has stopped it’s meetings, the blog will still be maintained.