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Michele Casey, Tina Bailey & Carolyn Barnett

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For artist Pat Shea, it was a 1920s black and white snapshot of a few members of the Group of Seven. Intrigued by what the painters were discussing, how unvarnished their dialogue must have been, Shea started to consider the value of a society where artists of every vein unite for a dose of discourse.

Pat wanted to bring to Kingston what journalist Augustus Bridle (and subsequently the Group of Seven) brought to Toronto in 1908 — an arts and letters club.  In 2007 he launched The Kingston Arts & Letters Club”.-A History Of Gathering by Ashleigh Gehl

With this vision Pat gave life to the Kingston Arts and Letters Club, which flourished for 7 years. The Club attracting art supporters, many established and emerging artists from all disciplines to meet monthly in a salon-type setting… sharing conversations and networking  in local pubs and restaurants, most recently at the Kingston Yacht Club.

Featured in these gathering were art presentations,  announcement of gallery openings, art classes, and related events, theatre production details, lectures, music performances, well known art columnists/critics who shared art reviews, writers who launched newly released novels, and  issues important to keep Kingston vibrant and focussed…reminding everyone that the arts are a  major source of revenue and tourist attraction.

Now after concluding its seventh year, the current team of Carolyn Barnett and Michele Casey, have  brought the curtain down for the last time with a vision toward the future… donating the remaining membership funds into the Kingston Community Foundation’s Arts and Culture Category, leaving the spirit of the Club in perpetuity through this generous contribution.

Cathie's KA&L Workup

Last year we put out a call for a new logo…..we got one response…from Cathie Hamilton. We used Cathie’s work up for the front of the card in which we presented our donation.


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  1. Thank you to you Carolyn and to you Michelle for all your hard work in organizing great meetings at the A&Lclub. Know that it was greatly appreciated. The idea of the club was fun, but all things run their course, and so the case with this club. Best of luck to you both for a prosperous and art filled summer season.